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 Waxing Information 


1. Check yo' self. No matter what you are waxing check your skin. Broken skin or inflammation needs to heel before you can be waxed. Stop using harsh exfoliants such as Retin-A and skin thinning creams 72 hours before and after your service.

2. Let it grow.....but not too much. Too short and the wax won't pick it up. Too long and it will be more painful and less flawless. 4-5 weeks or the length of a grain of rice is optimal for most clients.

3. Scrub a dub dub. Gently exfoliate the day before your service. Exfoliating helps the wax grab the hair not the skin. Keep exfoliating regularly after your wax to decrease ingrown hairs. Avoid sugar scrubs and stick to exfoliating gloves, post-waxing solutions and salt scrubs.

4. Lather it on. Moisturize regularly until the day of your service. Healthy, hydrated skin allows for a less painful and cleaner wax. 

5. Keep it clean. Keep your skin extra clean the week after your wax. Waxing can leave your skin vulnerable to infection, especially in the areas of the body that are warm and damp. Please do not come to your wax appointment after the gym, yoga class or cycle sesh without a quick rinse.

6. Don't bake baby. Avoid excess sun exposure before and after your service. 

7. Numb it up. If you are new to waxing or just a little nervous, put on a high quality numbing cream. 

8. Tight isn't right. Wear loose, comfortable clothing.