Haute Mess

Beauty Bar


Pre and post CAre Instructions



 1. Go natural. Come to your appointment with clean lashes and no make up. If you wear contacts be sure to take them out and bring your glasses if you need them.

2. Lather rinse repeat. You cannot get your lashes wet for 24 hours so plan accordingly. If you need to shower or heavily wash your face make sure you do so before your appointment. 

3. Skip the gym. Avoid that yoga class or long run for at least 24 hours. Your lashes need time to set.

4. Low fat is in. Do not use products that contain oil. Oil products can weigh down your lashes and decrease the length of your lift and tint. Any oil free make up remover is fine.

5. Dry, dry, dry. Heavy humidity can make the curl fall quicker. Avoid long hot showers and steam rooms to help your lashes lash longer. 

6. Detangle. Gently brush your lashes out daily with a lash wand. Your lash stylist will give you a new lash wand with every lift.