Haute Mess

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Our Mission



We have all had the perfect day… you wake up early to hit the gym, your hair hangs just right, and your favorite jeans fit like a dream. 


But we have all been here too….  your alarm doesn’t go off, your coffee spills on your new white blouse, and your hair has an awesome cowlick….. quite frankly you are a hot mess.


Sometimes we have it rough. But our rough edges make us the people we are. The perfect pair of skinny jeans and the fat pant days are both part of being human. Here at Haute Mess Beauty Bar we want you to be your full self. We offer an environment of support, beauty, and fun that is a good fit for all.


If you are going to be a mess, you might as well be a haute one. 


Sophie & Elissa

Co-Founders and professional Haute Messes